Alan Tennyson
Full Name Alanton Har Tennyson
Astrology Virgo
Status Alive
Fighting Style Alan's Combos
Aliens Combos Combination
Nationality 20px-Flag_of_Mexico.svg.png Mexico
Height 129cm
Weight 25kg
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Likes Smoothie's Juice
Dislikes Monsters
Species Human
Birthday September 7, 2003
Age 10
Blood Type A+
Occupation Hero
Soccer player (formerly)
Voice of Reason (inside Alien X
Hobby Soccer
Family Carl Tennyson
Sandra Tennyson
Alignment Good
Game Appearances Power Fight 3 - Ultimate Heroes
Voice Actors Yuri Lowenthal

Alanton Har Tennyson is born in September 7, 2003 in Mexico City. His astrology is Virgo. He joins in King of Power Fight Tournament and becomes a member of playable character. As Captain Wolver gave him a different type of Omnitrix, he can change into different 15 aliens. His hobby is Soccer Player, he practices soccer daily in the playground. Alan is even learning Karate.


Alan was a karate before joining the Tournament. After that, he started practicing Soccer and became a fan of it. He loves Soccer to play. After he promoted to blue-belt in Karate, he asked to his Master to give him a chance to join in King of Power Fight Tournament. Master accepts and Alan joined in the Tournament. After joining the tournament, Wolver gives him the new Omnitrix which will be able to use 15 different aliens.