Full Name Cody Travers
Status Alive
Nationality Mexican
Height 130 (cm)
Weight 28kg
Eyes Blue
Hair Light brown
Likes Starting fights, Metro City, Street Meat
Dislikes Ransik
Group of Dark Forcers
Age 9/10
Blood Type A+
Occupation Student
Hobby Karate
Family Sam Travers (father)
Leona Travers (mother)
Alignment Good
Game Appearances All Power Fight

Cody is a character in Power Fight series. He was born in Mexico City and joined in King of Power Fight Tournament to save the world.



Cody is a 10 years old street fighter who, wore a white shirt and blue jeans, with white sneakers. He sometimes wears Red-colored spiked like dress which he better thinks that is his armor. In all, Power Fight games, he is seem like a 9-years-old fighter.


Cody is ultimately good-at-heart man. He has a powerful sense of justice. His friend, Stev, even good. Cody sometimes only. His main personality is just to be a good man.