Full Name Lance
Also Known as Criminal
Status Alive
Fighting Style Kung-Fu
Height 128cm
Weight 24kg
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Likes Criminal works
Dislikes Shaym
Species Human
Birthday December 5th
Age 10
Blood Type B+
Occupation Criminal, Kung-Fu student
Hobby Cricket
Family Father & Mother, Shaym (twin brother)
Alignment Bad
Game Appearances All Power Fight games
Voice Actors Yuri Lowenthal


Lance is a brother of Shaym in Mexico City.  Lance joined in Ransik's organization to defeat Shaym.


Lance aligment is bad. He is sometimes good only. He loves the girl named Asna.

Events of Power FightEdit

Lance is the twin brother of Shaym, who is joined in King of Power Fight Tournament. As Lance, has his favorite talisman, Leonardo Talisman, it gives him abilities of concentrating in fight. He used the Leonardo Talisman first in the episode, "Target! The New Talisman".

Lance's girlfriend is Asna who was studying in Mexico CBSE School. Lance was forced by Ransik to join in his tournament, so that Lance's mind was changed.

So on... Lance works harder to Ransik & his minions to defeat the Power Fight Team and destroy the earth so that darkness will be increasing more and more... and life couldn't be there in the Earth. First, Lance researches the planets from Solar System.


After doing many things, in the final episode, "The Final Battle, PART 1" Ransik betrays Lance and Lance was very upset, in the PART 2 of final episode, after Ransik is banished and defeated, Lance forgives his mistake and becomes together.