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This is the list of characters in Power Fight series.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Shaym
- Voiced by: Yuri Lowenthal

Shaym is the main protagonist in this series. He is first-class in Kung-Fu. He was born in December 5, 2003. Shaym joins in King of Power Fight Tournament and practices Kung-Fu more and more and won the blue-belt in Kung-Fu. When the evil man named Ransik comes to the earth, he starts planning to destroy everything. Shaym & his friends power ups to stop Ransik and his minions. Later on... Shaym befriends with a girl named Hafsah. Shaym & Hafsah studies together in the school. Shaym's favorite talisman is Tiger Talisman. Tiger Talisman gives to Shaym the power of fighting skills. If Shaym uses this talisman, he fights fastly and work finishes quickly. Shaym always has a super abilities. The super abilities for Shaym are: Ice, Water & Thunder. Shaym is the 1st member of Team Sky. Shaym is played by Deepak Raj.

  • Shuaib
- Voiced by: Kevin Kleinberg

Shuaib is friend of Shaym. He is blue-belt in Karate. He was born in 2004. Shuaib joins in King of Power Fight Tournament and practices Karate more and more. Later on... Shuaib befriends with a girl named Alisa. Shuaib's favorite talisman is Leopard Talisman. Leopard Talisman gives to Shuaib the power of Karate skills. Shuaib is the 2nd member of Team Sky.

  • Sheldon
- Voiced by: Henry Dittman

Sheldon is friend of Shaym & Shuaib. He is fire-ninja. He was born in 2004. Sheldon joins in King of Power Fight Tournament and practices fire-ninja's abilities & skills. Sheldon befriends with a girl named Amy. Sheldon's favorite talisman is Jaguar Talisman. Jaguar Talisman gives to Sheldon the power of fire

  • Captain Wolver
- Voiced by: Julian Sands

Captain Wolver is the captain of King of Power Fight Tournament. He used to work on base with soldiers, agents etc.

Recurring charactersEdit

  • Rock Van
- Voiced by: Lucas Gilbertson

Rock Van is similar to Rock Lee from Naruto series. He has blue eyes and black hair because as Lee has green eyes & brown hair in NARUTO.