Power Fight Adventures
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General Information
Genre Action/Adventure
Status Not Ended
Original run TBA - TBA
Episodes 1 (75 in order)
Starring Yuri Lowenthal
Kevin Kleinberg
Henry Lowenthal
Ashley Johnson
Cristina Valenzuela
Kate Higgins
Country United States
Network Cartoon Network
Creator(s) Deepak Raj
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Power Fight Adventures is a series created by Deepak Raj. There are 5 seasons and 75 episodes. It is an exclusive that comes soon on Cartoon Network. This series will be released soon on 2014.


Power Fight Adventures is a new series on Cartoon Network. It contains exclusive seasons and episodes. Deepak Raj starred in this series by using his name as Shaym.


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The characters in this series are exclusive and really Power Fighters. They used to use many different kinds of abilities and Talismans powers.


Main article: List of Power Fight villains

The villains are main antagonists in this series. Mainly, Ransik, who was created accidentally 3000 years ago, but he came in young form by using the magic method of Shen Wui, the Chinese Magic Master. He became now 38-years-old.


Main article: List of Power Fight Adventures episodes

The episodes are very best in this series. There are total 75 episodes in order. The episodes are divided into 6 seasons. Each episodes has about Villains, Talismans, Oni Masks etc.