Serphan A. Valter
Astrology Libra
Possibly Known as Member of Power Fight Team
Also Known as Student
Status Alive
Height 129cm
Weight 25kg
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Likes Friends, Power Fight Team,
Birthday October 18, 2003
Age 9

Serphan A. Valter is a character that appears in Power Fight Adventures as also new member of Power Fight team. He was born in October 18, 2003. He is friend of Shaym while he was studying in the school. 

In the seriesEdit

He appeared in Power Fight series and he also became a new member of Power Fight team. His fighting skills was same like Shaym. Serphan also knows Kung-Fu.


This is the list that shows the family of Serphan:-

Name:                            Info:
R. Valter (father) He works in a office and he is a rich man.
Rina Valter (mother)

His mother is in his house. She used to feed him, do everything etc.

Alana Valter (sister) His sister is studying in the school.

Games he appearedEdit

This is the list that shows the games he appeared:-

Game Name:                                   Role:
Power Fight (All) Serphan A. Valter