Full Name Shaym
Astrology Sagittaruis
Possibly Known as Legendary hero
Also Known as Kung-Fu student, Hero, Legendary Fighter, World Protector
Status Alive
Fighting Style Traditional Kung-Fu
Nationality 20px-Flag_of_Mexico.svg.png Mexico
Height 129cm
Weight 25kg
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Likes Friends, Hafsah, World, Cities, saving people, Mexican foods, Tournament
Dislikes Ransik
Species Human
Birthday December 5th
Age 10
Blood Type B+
Occupation Student (formerly), Legendary reploid
Hobby Sports
Family Father & Mother
Lance (twin brother)
Alignment Good
Game Appearances All Power Fight games
Voice Actors Yuri Lowenthal (Games & TV series)

Shaym was born in December 5, 2003 in Mexico City. His astrology is Sagittarius. When he was 10 years old, he joined in King of Power Fight Tournament for saving the city by defeating Group of Dark Forcers and Ransik.


Shaym has a twin brother named Lance, who is very bad twin of Shaym. Shaym joined in King of Power Fight Tournament and Wolver Wenson accepts it. His friends from school, Shuaib and Sheldon also joins in Tournament and teams up. New-new characters are joining in Tournament to save the earth.

Shaym likes the power of Thunder Jutsu to defeat easily the enemies in one-shot. Shaym's favorite talisman ever is Tiger Talisman, which gives the power of ability of being stronger. Shaym sawed Hafsah in a school. Hafsah befriends with Shaym in bus. Then Hafsah saws the Tournament. Hafsah said that she wants to join in this. Shaym accepts to join Hafsah in King of Power Fight Tournament. Shaym introduces Hafsah to Wolver and Wolver accepts. Shuaib & Sheldon also have girls named Alisa and Amy.

As in Final BattleEdit


Shaym in Ranger Suit.

As in episode, "The Final Battle", Shaym and other characters wears a Ranger suit and enters in Ransik's tournament and finds FLOOR 52 is full of teleporters. Using them, the Power Fight Team heroes rematches against all of Ransik's members (from first to last). Power Fight Team heroes defeats all of the members of Ransik and finally saws Ransik in FLOOR 98, going to destroy the earth with missile, but stops after damaging the missile launcher machine. Ransik finally then banished to Netherworld by Power Fight team and closed the Pan-Ko Box for safe. Then the world, earth and planets are save. Then polices realised that Lance became a good person now, so the polices didn't arrest Lance and Lance thanks to Shaym and his friends and apologizes his mistakes. Then Shaym and everybody becomes together and Lance got a girl named Asna and Asna comes towards to Lance and Lance was happy for the love become together. Then Hafsah, Alisa & Amy were even happy and loves Shaym, Shuaib & Sheldon. The episode then ends with every pedestrians clapping their hands louder for the Power Fight Team heroes saving the world.


Shaym's hobby is Sports. He used to practice Sports daily and even Kung-fu. In Kung-Fu, Shaym got a blue belt and will be promoted to next-next belts.

About Voice ActorEdit

Yuri Lowenthal (born March 5, 1971) voices Shaym in Power Fight series.