Steve Arols
Full Name Steve Aurub Arols
Status Alive
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Age 38
Voice Actors John DiMaggio

Steve Aurub Arols is a character who appeared in the first episode of Power Fight, Beginnings. He is the mayor of Mexico City. Steve has launched a smear campaign against him and constantly tries to denounce him including turning the public against him as such.


Steve wears a black suit with a black tie. He has brown hair with gray on the side and a square chin.


Steve debuted in the first episode of Power Fight Adventures, where he introduces that he is the mayor of Mexico City. He has none of things to do, but sometimes he asks to Power Fight Team to help him in some issues. Somehow, he launched the channel Steve Daily News!, where he daily reports the news in Mexico City and other cities. In some episodes, he is seemed like he is an American actor.