Vicarious Visions is an American video game developer. Vicarious Visions' games accounted for over 2.5 billion dollars in retail sales and over 40 million units of its software have been sold worldwide. The headquarters of Vicarious Visions is located in Menands, New York.

Studio historyEdit

The studio was founded by brothers Karthik and Guha Bala in 1990 while both were in high school.

In the late 1990s, Vicarious Visions appointed Michael Marvin, an Albany based investor and entrepreneur and founder and former CEO of MapInfo; and Charles S. Jones, investor, who sat on the boards of various software and industrial companies including Geac and PSDI, to its board of directors. Under their leadership, a sale of the company was negotiated to Activision, earning the original investors over 20x their initial investment.

In January 2005, Vicarious Visions was acquired by publisher Activision.

Many Power Fight series games are published by Vicarious Visions and some are published by Activision.